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Network Solutions

If your business operates across multiple locations, NuVox can build a solution that fits! Our easy, cost-effective networking solutions keep you connected.

We start with the most robust technology available. NuVox has partnered with Cisco to deliver our Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)-based Layer 3 Virtual Private Network (VPN). If you’re technical, you know there’s no better technology.

But if MPLS and VPN are just letters to you, we’ll meet with you and explain the technology in layman’s terms. We’ll ask the right questions. Together, we’ll work with you to develop a voice, data, or video network to precisely meet the needs of your business.

We offer customers a more advanced networking solution with greater business benefits and capabilities, including:


Our fully meshed network provides the ability to quickly add, move, or change sites without having to reconfigure customer premise equipment (CPE). By using NuVox’s MPLS-based technology, all complex routing configurations are handled within the NuVox network.


Fewer outages and less downtime occur because no single business location is dependent on a single “hub” or host. If one route is unavailable for any reason, traffic is rerouted dynamically with no negative impact.

Quality Of Service (QOS)

We support quality of service requirements for real-time applications such as voice and video, and also improves efficiencies by integrating voice, video, data, and Internet applications.


Our network is designed with security in mind, providing multiple layers of defense that are superior to that of a frame relay or ATM network.

Performance Guarantee

Our performance is backed by NuVox’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) which offers industry-leading SLAs for latency, packet loss, and jitter. In addition, an online management portal allows customers to monitor real-time network performance and individual site statistics.

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How do we make it better?

NuVox's network solution provides a level of efficiency not available with frame relay and private network applications of the past. With NuVox, your sites will be connected by a fully-meshed network eliminating the need to transfer information through the host site.

From best effort data, to preferred data and premium QoS for voice, you can select the service level required to support your networking applications. Using latency, jitter, and packet-loss as performance measures, NuVox offers a comprehensive SLA with guarantees to the millisecond. You will also have access to our online portal with real-time bandwidth utilization and performance statistics ensuring that NuVox is delivering on our promise.

As we design your networking solution, your sales consultant along with a highly trained engineer will analyze your business’ operations across all of your locations. By understanding how you communicate and transfer information, our team will help you determine the level of bandwidth and QoS needed to optimize your network.

Want to learn more about our network services? Check out the "Learn More" on the right.

We know your business is on the line. Let us help you build a Network Solution that works for you and your business! Ready to get started? You can build a custom solution by contacting a NuVox account executive at 888-NuVoxNOW or click on one of the following links below.

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