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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Services

Businesses today need a solution that works for them, not against them. 

NuVox wants you to first understand our VoIP product, and then we want to show you how it can work for your business.

So what exactly is VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol)?

In simple terms, VoIP is a service that lets the channels on your T1 connection switch between voice and Internet as call volume dictates. 

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This is a step-up from conventional telecommunications, which have traditionally required separate channels for voice and Internet. NuVox’s service expands your broadband solution through the dynamic exchange of voice and Internet.

With T1 technology, your business gets the Internet and voice service you need: up to 6Mbps of bandwidth and 96 voice lines. You may also select from a collection of enhanced features designed to provide greater flexibility and more efficient telecommunications service for your business.  NuVox couples new innovations with proven, reliable technology.


Technical Tip

How Does it Work?
DiagramNuVox converts the customer’s analog voice service into IP packets and then sends the IP packets over our private IP network.

With voice service converted into IP packets, dedicated channels for voice and Internet are no longer required.

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) allows the interaction of voice and Internet on a T1.  Voice traffic always takes precedence over Internet traffic.  Once the call is complete, the voice channel is immediately available for Internet bandwidth.


VoxIP logoWhen discussing voice and Internet connections, “speed” is certainly a buzz word you hear a good bit.  Everyone wants more “speed.”  So, what is speed and how can it work for you? 

NuVox suggests that you look at our VoxIP product—a product so advanced that it will produce the speed you are looking for, as well as industry-leading connectivity, and some innovative solutions that work for you.


  • Easy-to-Use Customized Web Portal Check call logs, activate Find Me Follow Me call routing which routes incoming calls to wherever you are, and update voice features.
  • Robust Feature Packages
    Free long distance between locations, reservationless conferencing, local calling features, messaging services, web hosting, email, managed Internet security, and much more.
  • Free Calling Between Locations
    Customers receive free domestic long distance between locations with VoxIP service.
  • Dynamic Bandwidth
    Channels on the T1 alternate “on demand” between voice and Internet. Even with 24 calls in progress simultaneously per T1, NuVox is still able to guarantee a minimum of 768Kbps, or about one half of a T1 of Internet bandwidth, for your Internet applications.  
  • Voice Prioritization
    Calls coming into and going out of your business always receive priority.
  • Secure, private Cisco Powered Network with QoS
    NuVox leverages its state-of-the-art, fully-redundant IP network and on-premise integrated access devices to ensure the highest quality of service. 
  • Fully Bonded T1s
  • NuVox provided CPE
    Currently Cisco 24xx Series Router


The NuVox Edge

Improve communications by consolidating all of your voice and data services into one, simple bill from one provider.

NuVox partners with Cisco to deliver Internet solutions to you. In fact, we’ve even been recognized as a Cisco Powered Network™, a designation that Cisco has only awarded to 10% of their partners.  Our VoIP service gives you all of the services and features that you are used to, combined with new innovations like our web portal, making your business more productive.

Ready to get started with a more efficient, better-for-your-business package? You can build a custom solution by contacting a NuVox account executive at 888-NuVoxNOW or click on one of the following links below.

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