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Internet Security

Stop hackers and viruses dead in their tracks with NuVox’s internet security services. As hacking and viruses become more prevalent, protecting your information is vitally important.

NuVox’s managed firewall constantly monitors your network to protect against the latest attacks. You can select from our basic or monitored firewall services and scale this service to meet your business’ individual requirements.

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Intrusion Prevention Services

NuVox Intrusion Prevention services provide 24 x 7 real-time security. Suspicious activity is monitored from security devices placed on your network. When suspicious activity is detected, NuVox will immediately repel attack attempts and deny the intruder access to your network. Our security professionals monitor your network perimeter, configure and maintain the device, monitor logs, and analyze trends in intrusion attempts to ensure network security integrity.


The most visible component of the NuVox’s internet security service is its comprehensive reporting. You will have access to comprehensive reporting that includes:

  • All network activity, including network access and usage
  • Any attempted breaches of security
  • A modification log of configuration changes made to the firewall at the customer's request

You will also have an account in our secure web portal allowing you access to more detailed daily reports, request configuration changes, or view your current account status.

Protection & Control

If you have dedicated Internet access, your information is vulnerable to attack 24 x 7. Your firewall reduces your business’ risk from:

  • Information Theft - Protects your financial and payroll information or business plans
  • Network Virus Detection and Removal - Protects you from viruses like “Lovegate” and “Beagle,” as well as worms, trojan horses, and file attachments
  • Cyber Crime - Protects you from unsecured transfer of credit card numbers and other personal information
  • Employee Productivity Loss- Provides you with the ability to restrict access to non-work-related sites

With our firewall, you can monitor the activity on your network such as storage space, bandwidth utilization, and employee activity. The following online reports are available:

  • Firewall Management and Monitoring Reports - View attack sources, protocol usage, and bandwidth; general reports sort information by user, destination, and hourly traffic patterns
  • Virus Detection Reports - View viruses in a variety of ways including top encountered viruses, viruses by sender, and daily statistics for events
  • Incident Response Tickets - Keep track of your security issues with ease and convenience

The NuVox Edge

NuVox’s firewall services are built just for business. With tremendous features like anti-virus protection, intrusion protection, and LAN-to-LAN capabilities, you can feel safe knowing your network is safe and secure.

Ready to get started protecting your business’ assets? You can build a custom solution by contacting a NuVox account executive at 888-NuVoxNOW or click on one of the following links below.

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