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Does the Internet play an integral role in your business? Is it vital to your daily operations?  Does no Internet access mean you can’t run your business? And can’t communicate with your customers?

NuVox’s Internet solutions are built specifically for businesses—and the demands that businesses have today. What makes us better:

Great technology

It starts with our Cisco-powered network. No one offers better technology than Cisco, and that’s why we’ve partnered with them to deliver Internet solutions to you. In fact, we’ve even been recognized as a Cisco Powered Network™, a designation that Cisco has awarded to only 10% of their partners.


Today’s business needs require an increasing amount of bandwidth. That’s no problem for us—we can offer you “sized right” increments of bandwidth up to 10Mbps.

A Private, secure solution

Whether you browse the Internet, transfer large files, or use complex online applications, NuVox provides a private, secure solution for your business. And, we complement access to the Internet with a comprehensive firewall-based security solution.

How do we make it better?

With our VoIP network, you can enhance your Internet services even further. NuVox’s dynamic bandwidth technology allows you to use bandwidth typically reserved for voice services. When you’re not on the phone, your bandwidth automatically grows—instantly making your online time more efficient and productive.

Along with our Internet solutions, NuVox’s security solutions provide the peace of mind of knowing that your online applications are protected from attack. 

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We know your business is on the line. Let us help you build an Internet Solution that works for you and your business! Ready to get started? You can build a custom solution by contacting a NuVox account executive at 888-NuVoxNOW or click on one of the following links below.

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