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Spam Filters

Consider this: new breeds of spam are created every day.  And spam is becoming more and more offensive.

NuVox can help you reduce inappropriate messages and viruses before they reach your inbox, saving you time and money while reducing frustration. And the best part: this service is available to all NuVox email customers at no charge!

To help combat spam, NuVox is constantly updating and enhancing our spam blocking capabilities.  Our customer-controlled junk email filter that reduces unwanted email allowing you to:

Determine the settings that work for your business:
  • Sensitivity of the filter
  • Automatic email mail purging—on your schedule
  • Frequency of Junk Mail Folder purge
  • White lists—ensure important messages that you want to receive can pass through the filter
  • Black lists—quickly discarding unwanted messages
Automatic Junk Email box purging...set by you from the web!
  • Filtered email is still accessible. If an employee finds that they need an email in the spam folder, they can forward it to another folder.

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The NuVox Edge

We know you just want the spam to go away! Here are a few reasons why NuVox’s service can give your business the edge in the fight against spam:

  • Anti-virus scanning is included to help prevent infected emails and attachments from entering inboxes.
  • Anti-virus software is updated real-time, ensuring that customers always receive the maximum protection. If NuVox detects a virus in an email message, it is automatically cleaned and forwarded to both the sender and receiver, accompanied by a note alerting them of this protective measure taken by NuVox.
  • With our service, you can quickly filter multiple domains.
  • Our spam filter is easily accessible and allows you to manage your settings in real-time.
  • Perhaps the greatest advantage: for NuVox email customers, the service is free.

Ready to get started reducing spam? You can build a custom solution by contacting a NuVox account executive at 888-NuVoxNOW or click on one of the following links below.

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