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Network QoS/ MPLS

NuVox’s networking services are built on a Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) backbone. MPLS is the most flexible and reliable routing technology available in the marketplace today. With MPLS, you can run multiple traffic types, such as voice, data, and video, over a single network using Quality of Service (QoS) features, tailored to meet your specific business requirements. This advanced IP routing technology provides connectivity without the costs and complexity of configuring connections.

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Technical Tip

How does MPLS work?

NuVox’s networking service, VoxNET, offers customers a private, secure solution built across our Cisco-powered MPLS network, with comprehensive service level performance guarantees for latency, jitter, and packet loss.

MPLS network

  • VoxNET provides a wide area networking (WAN) solution – connecting businesses with multiple locations.
  • VoxNET provides a private, secure network built across NuVox’s core MPLS backbone, using Layer 3 Virtual Private Networking (VPN) technology.
  • VoxNET is a scalable solution, meeting individual business needs through three QoS levels, allowing your business the ability to prioritize voice, data, and video packets, depending on your business goals.


The NuVox Edge
  • Performance
    NuVox provides detailed performance guarantees for each QoS level with respect to latency, jitter, and packet loss.
  • Flexibility
    VoxNET provides the ability to select the QoS level required for your business’ unique networking solution.
  • Compatibility
    VoxNET is compatible with all industry standard VoIP protocols and applications.
  • Comprehensive Network
    NuVox marks preferred IP packets and retains markings as they travel through the NuVox Cisco-powered network.


Features of VoxNET QoS corner


A best effort data networking solution enabling customers to share data and Internet applications across all locations.


This preferred data networking solution provides priority treatment to data packets over Internet traffic. Ideal for video conferencing solutions.


This preferred voice networking solution delivers premium QoS to the customer site, allowing them to maintain their own VoIP network.

Management Portal

All VoxNET customers can utilize the 24x7 management portal, providing real-time access to performance statistics.



Ready to get started building a private network, unique to your business? Develop a custom solution by contacting your NuVox Account Executive today, or call 888-NuVox-NOW or click on one of the following links below.

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