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NuVox Communications’ VoxIP service expands your broadband solution through the dynamic exchange of voice and Internet. While conventional telecommunications require separate channels for voice and Internet, VoxIP enables the channels on your T1(s) to switch between voice and Internet as your call volume needs dictate. With VoxIP, your business begins with T1(s) of Internet and adds the voice and networking service you need up to 6Mbps of bandwidth and 96 voice lines. You may also select from a collection of enhanced features designed to provide greater flexibility and more efficient telecommunications service for your business. NuVox’s VoxIP couples new innovations with proven, reliable technology.

Features of VoxIP
  • Flexibility. VoxIP offers your business a combination of voice, Internet, and networking services.

  • Dual Usage. Channels on the T1 alternate “on demand” between voice and Internet.

  • Voice Prioritization. Calls coming into and going out of your business always receive priority.

  • Robust Feature Packages. Select from feature packages that include free long distance, and reservationless conferencing, as well as local calling features, messaging services, web hosting, email, managed Internet security, and much more.

Advantages of VoxIP
  • Easy-to-use Customized Portal. Easily monitor your call logs, store contact information, and update your individual call features at any time using your Internet connection.

  • Maximize Your Dedicated Internet Service. Even with 24 calls in progress simultaneously per T1, NuVox is still able to guarantee a minimum of 768Kbps, or about one half of a T1 of Internet bandwidth, for your Internet applications.

  • Take Advantage of Free Calling Between Locations. Customers receive free domestic long distance between locations with VoxIP service.

  • Quality of Service. NuVox leverages its state-of-the-art, fully-redundant IP network and on-premise integrated access devices to ensure the highest quality of service.

  • Future-Proof Your Network. VoxIP works with your current equipment today, while providing the foundation to upgrade to more advanced systems in the future.

The NuVox Edge

Benefit from expanded local calling areas, simple service plans, robust features, and other optional services—all on one convenient bill. At NuVox, we bundle local service with other essential communications solutions to help you grow your business. Our proven technology, simple plans, attractive pricing, and flexibility make our local service great for your business.

Ready to get started with local service that does more? You can build a custom solution by contacting a NuVox account executive at 888-NuVoxNOW or click on one of the following links below.

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