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Our Email Technology

Our email service is designed for reliability and expandability. To accomplish this, services are grouped as follows:

  • Incoming SMTP
  • Outgoing SMTP
  • Client services such as IMAP and POP
  • Webmail
  • Authentication and other back-end support functions

These groups of services are behind redundant load balancers that distribute the load between the individual components of the groups. This separation allows NuVox to easily grow the system by adding additional resources where it is needed. This separation also prevents high volume on one service from having a negative impact on another service. Last, grouping allows NuVox to ensure an incoming flood of junk mail won’t cause any problems with checking or sending messages.

Another important feature of our email service is our spam and virus filtering. We use a custom developed solution based on the Cloudmark scanning engine, as well as the popular open sources projects SpamAssassin and ClamAV. We also utilize several industry leading real-time black lists to block connections from known spamming IPS in addition to building our own internal black list based on the traffic that we receive.

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